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Ugis Balmaks, the founder of Recruiter Mill
“Starting to work with Recruiter Mill was my biggest win of 2020. Since then we’ve found 10+ people for various digital marketing roles.”
Jason Malone
The Problem

You Want to Scale Your Business. To Do That, You Need to Scale Your Team

But you can’t hire just anyone. If they’re not true A-players, difference-makers, go-getters… they’ll bring more problems than solutions.

You can’t afford to hire even average people. You need the best. But can you attract them?

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Symptom #1

You don’t get enough quality candidates

Nowhere is “garbage in, garbage out” more true than in recrutment. You simply can’t get top-notch hires without quality candidates.

You may be running job ads, leveraging your network, or even reaching out to promising candidated cold…

But you can’t attract the truly good ones with any consistency.

“Ugis knowns his stuff and finds great A-players”
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Symptom #2

Hiring takes too long and too much time from you

Because they don’t have prior digital marketing experience, a typical recruiter will need at least 3 months to fill a role.

That’s assuming they’re willing and able to learn the position inside out through trial and error.

Most recruiters aren’t as dedicated and instead keep draining your time with subpar options.

“Other HR firms take a passive approach. Recruiter Mill reaches out to candidates proactively to fill positions fast.”

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Symptom #3

The people you do hire don't stay with you

On average, only 70% of hires make it past 12 months. Is there another area of your business where you’d accept a 30% failure rate?

Mis-hires are very costly (estimated at 3.5x their yearly salary) and sap your and your team’s energy.

“Ugis has helped me hire multiple digital marketers over the years. They’re all still on my team today.”

Is Your Digital Marketing Recruitment Funnel up to Par?

The Solution

Outsource Your Digital Marketing Hiring to Experts

There’s no silver bullet to finding the best people. It’s about putting in disciplined, focused work backed by years of experience.

Digital marketing as an industry is still brand new. 15-20 years is nothing compared to traditional advertising (as old as time), publishing (a few centuries), or even software development (50+ years).

Dedicated recruiters for digital marketing are something even newer. We’re in a category of one. And we get results.

“I’ve worked with many recruiters over the years but Recruiter Mill has been the best experience – and it’s not even close.”
Paul Jansen
Why us

We've Helped Hire Hundreds of Digital Marketing A-Players

Our founder’s, Ugis’, previous business was built on FB ads, SEO, and email marketing. It now does 8 figures thanks to a team of A-players.

That team took 5 years to build. Since 2020, Ugis has been obsessed with bringing the best recruitment practices to the digital marketing community.

Ugis Balmaks, a digital marketing headhunter, looking for candidates on his Macbook

Our Case Studies

How Filter King found a world- class SEO Director for their rapidly-growing eCommerce business

“Recruiter Mill went the extra mile and found some really talented people for us.”

Rick Hoskins

How Vision Tech Team hired three Digital Marketing Managers with direct response marketing experience

"We were never able to find great project managers. So the fact that Ugis found so many was incredible."

James Guldan

How Adaptive Media hired an external SEO Expert for their most ambitious affiliate marketing project yet

“Before working with Recruited Mill, we couldn't even imagine how large of a talent pool we'll get access to.”

Arturs Lacis

How We Recruit

Source the right candidates

If you reach out to the wrong people, nothing else will work.

We use LinkedIn Recruiter – by far the superior sourcing tool – to reach out to 40 candidates a week, 120-200 candidates in total.

Present the opportunity well

We get a 52% response rate to our outreach. The industry average is 30-35%.

How? We target well and give the candidates all the information they need to decide if they’re interested. And they love us for it.

Filter strictly and thoroughly

When hiring, we know what to look at to make a sure-shot decision. We ensure we don’t miss anything.

This includes a 20-30 min screening interview (conducted by us), a test assignment, and an interview with the hiring manager. We do more if it’s needed.

Ready To Get Started?

There's nobody that offers better results and value than we do for digital marketing recruitment

Traditional Recruiters

Recruiter Mill

Same Pricing

What If It Doesn't Work Out?

90% retention rate may sound great but what if you’re among the unlucky 10%?

All of our hires come with a 12-month guarantee. If they’re not on your team in a year’s time, we repeat the search.

Alternatively, you can credit half of the total fee paid towards a new search with us.

A photo of Ugis Balmaks, the founder of Recruiter Mill, with a 12-month guarantee badge

But Wait, There's More…

This is not for every business but you can get even more value by hiring from outside of the US and Western Europe.

For senior and leadership positions, typical savings are 30%-50%.

The candidates have comparable skills to US talent, great English, and they’ll be a perfect fit with your company culture.

If you’re interested in hiring from Eastern Europe, Latin America, or the Philippines, let us know when you reach out.

A photo of digital marketing hiring professionals showing a marketing recruitment process done from different locations

We Come Highly Recommended

“Most recruiters have a shallow understanding of what we’re looking for. Recruiter Mill understood our needs, did all the work, and found the perfect candidate in record time.

Guillaume Devinat

Co-Founder and CEO of Opteo
“Recruiter Mill understands search engine marketing role nuances. If you’re looking to fill a role in the SEM niche, they will get the job done.

Chris Brencans

CEO of On The Map
“Ugis took the time to understand the ins and outs of our business, created a wonderful job description, held loads of detailed interviews, and then selected the perfect match for us.”

Catalin Zorzini

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of businesses do you work with?

We’ll help any teams that are interested in running world-class digital marketing campaigns. Your company’s revenue should be 7 figures at the very least (with rare exceptions).

We’ve seen great success working with e-Commerce, SaaS, info product, affiliate marketing, and lead gen companies, as well as digital marketing agencies and consultancies.

Any senior digital marketing specialists, all the way to the C-Suite (CMOs, COOs, Country CEOs), with Marketing Directors and VPs in between.

We usually don’t hire for junior positions.

We’ve successfully placed roles in:

  • General digital marketing (CMOs, directors, managers, senior specialists)
  • SEO (SEO managers, link building managers, editors)
  • PPC (Facebook, Google, Amazon)
  • Email marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Other roles where digital marketing experience is helpful (e.g., COOs and CTOs for online businesses)

Most other recruitment agencies offer a 3-6 month guarantee. That’s simply not enough.

As a business owner, you’d be very disappointed if an employee – you paid to be found no less – didn’t last a full year in your company.

Our 12-month guarantee keeps us accountable and signals to the candidates that we have long-term intentions.

“Not nearly enough…”

Our typical fees are comparable to regular recruiters – with much better results in digital marketing.

If you want us to work even faster, get twice as long of a guarantee, or work with a large group of decision-makers, our fees are comparable to reasonably-priced executive search firms.

We don’t work for free – why would we? – so we take a deposit. It will have a fair refund policy.

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What to expect

Analysis of your past hiring efforts

High-level plan of attack for meeting your recruitment needs

Pricing and expected ROI from working with us

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